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I think it makes sense to offer you some idea of what I hope to post here. That way, you’ll refer to me plenty of good things to share with people. If you’ve got something you’d love to see posted, visit my contact page.


  • By all means, send them. It’s been my experience that participants in media such as this are far more likely to do business with fellow participants rather than with those who jump in, post an ad, and jump out. In other words, it’s good for you. šŸ™‚
  • They should be topical. This is a blog intended to be read by NLPers, so the articles should be of interest to them. That said, I’m not super-strict. If I find it interesting, I might post it anyway, as long as it’s not too far out in left field. (See my category, “Left Field”.)
  • If you have something that you feel really needs to be here and you didn’t write it, make sure you give me contact information for the author so I can ask for his or her permission.
  • It’s OK with me if you’ve posted them somewhere else before. It’s also OK with me if you haven’t.
  • I will claim no copyright on your articles. You wrote them, so they’re all yours. If you want to assert copyright, include that in the footer of your message. If you want to post it under a license such as Creative Commons, say that too.


  • Remember, this blog is for Neuro-Linguistic Programmers. No trainings for Natural Language Processing, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Non-Linear Programming, National Liberal/Libertarian Party, Non-Linear Processing, Notice Letter Printing, ad nauseum will be accepted.
  • Trainings in Hypnosis (Ericksonian or otherwise) are welcome, as are trainings in such things as Linguistics, persuasion, coaching, platform skills, General Semantics, and so on.
  • I’d prefer that the person responsible for marketing the trainer or the training be the one to tell me about it.Not require, but prefer.
  • Please give the readers and me plenty of lead time. Tell me as soon as you can after your details are settled.
  • If you have an “early bird” price, you can post the training notice again after it expires. Just send me a reminder and I’ll take care of it.


  • Sales are good. Special prices are good. Especially if you offer a special price for readers of this blog.
  • I’ll only mention eBay auctions if you are the copyright holder of the thing being auctioned.

Book reviews and product reviews

  • Use good taste.
  • Remember your integrity.
  • I intend to set up an Amazon Affiliate page, and I haven’t done it yet. If you favorably review something that Amazon sells, I’ll likely link to it there; if I do, I’ll refer people to your review.

Articles on other blogs

  • All I really need is a permalink, a brief note about why you think it should be here, and your name (so I can credit you with the referral). If you have a Web page or a blog, I’ll link to it with your name.

Other stuff I haven’t thought of yet

  • If you send me something that just cries out for posting on NLPhilia even though it doesn’t fit any of the above categories, I’ll check it out. If I agree with you, I’ll post it.

Written by Michael DeBusk

October 25th, 2007 at 3:50 am

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